The Omnichannel Solution by GlobalBet
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Welcome to the new era of Omnichannel Solutions! With COMPLETE, operators get to experience a full omnichannel solution that allows them to manage their entire online and retail business, all from one central location. Our innovative solution consists of different modules that are available as the COMPLETE solution or as individual products.


The Omnichannel Solution by GlobalBet

The Platform (PAM).

Streamline Your Operations With Seamless Integration!
Meet a platform solution that addresses today’s requirements and needs of leading operators by combining 20 years of industry experience with the individual requirements of various markets.
Seamless integration and effortless connection with the GlobalBet Sportsbook, Virtual Sports products, and all in-house modules like CRM, Agent Tool, Affiliate Tool, and Jackpot & Bonus Engine.

Keep an Eye on Your Players!

Flexible features that allow targeted player management and takes individual behaviors into account.


Create Unique Rewards!

Every bet contributes to one globally aggregated Jackpot! Stay fully flexible and configure your own Jackpots.


Keep Track of your Success!

Manage your agents and
affiliates from one backend. Create custom payout structures and agent trees for unlimited levels.


One Tool To Rule Them All!

Configure games, settings, payments and flows while enjoying easy and effortless tool management.

Why GlobalBet Full Platform?

Meet GlobalBet’s new, fully featured Omnichannel software - COMPLETE. COMPLETE combines all GlobalBet products into one strong solution. It is the fully integrated Omnichannel platform with the best-in-class retail solution for complex setups. 

Manage online and retail operations, including Sportsbook, the full Virtual Sports suite, push messages, CRM, Casino, Reporting, Trading and Risk Management, Payment Gateways and many more, through one single access point. 
  • Full 360° management of all online and retail operations in one dashboard
  • Single wallet system
  • Intuitive and best-in-class filtering system on the front end for speed and ease of betting
  • Monitoring of all wallets and transactions
  • Automated promotional and referral flows
  • Send automated messages via SMS, web push, email, etc.
  • Responsible gaming suite that adapts seamlessly to different jurisdictions
  • Over 9000 games through our Casino Aggregator
  • One of the strongest bonus modules on the market
  • Third party CRM integrations available
  • Custom integration with any third party solution on request
  • Server infrastructure built on secure architecture and for scalability that can handle billions of tickets per month

Customization and localization are key.

...and many more!

Providers & Partners.

Instant access to over 150 game providers
... and 80+ payment solutions

Full Feature List.

Multi-channel integration
seamless integration across all channels, including web, mobile, in-person, and social media.
User experience
intuitive and user-friendly design that offers a seamless experience across all channels.
Payment processing
support for a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
Customer data management
ability to centralize and manage customer data, including transactions, preferences, and behaviors.
Marketing automation
support for automated marketing campaigns and personalized communication based on customer behavior and preferences.
Content management
ability to manage and distribute dynamic content across all channels.
robust analytics and reporting capabilities to track customer behavior, engagement, and performance.
Compliance and security
strict security measures to ensure customer data protection and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Support for multiple languages and currencies
ability to support multiple languages and currencies to cater to a global audience.
ability to handle increasing traffic and user volumes as the business grows with flexible and scalable infrastructure.

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