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Unlike any of our competitors, Global Bet is exclusively dedicated and committed to providing the best virtual sports games on the market. Providing the broadest combined portfolio of virtual sports, pre-recorded race events and number games to the gaming industry. End users can enjoy all of Global Bet’s products on an omni channel basis.

Why Global Bet


Delivering high quality and innovative solutions extensive and continously expanding product portfolio rapidly developing
player in the international market.


Full content customization and branding
customer specific integrations.


RETAIL – Network stream, satellite broadcast
RETAIL – Local HD content delivery
TERMINAL – Self-service kiosk
ONLINE – Web solution
MOBILE – iOS, android

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports are high frequency draw events – scheduled by the operator.

Virtual Sports are electronic games that are emerging as a growing form of on-line entertainment. Thanks to modern motion capture technologies and state of the art software agents, Global Bet can create very complex sports animations. With the growing number of business interests surrounding these games, this has emerged as a greater competition for big names in the business.

Betting on Virtual Sports is in fact the same thing as betting on real events with the advantage that instead of waiting until the game finishes for the outcome and then waiting a week to place another bet on your favorite team, you can do it every 90 seconds, 24 hours, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, playing virtual sports does not require having up-to-date knowledge of the real world sport. Without knowing who is injured or who is likely to be in the starting lineup each week, a player can play without fearing of losing because of lack of knowledge. Because virtual sports blend gamesmanship with spectatorship, their success impacts not only the companies providing them, but also the original sport itself.

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