Pre-recorded Greyhounds.

Pre-recorded Greyhound races are top-quality races where dogs compete against each other. Greyhound racing is a very popular game because of its simple idea and clear betting options.

Pre-recorded Greyhounds.

GlobalBet offers pre-recorded greyhound races where players can bet on real-life races and choose a winner among six dogs. Betting on virtual greyhounds is very straightforward. Nine different bet types are offered to customers, ranging from a single bet to complex combinations.

One race lasts several minutes, and races continue all day. Allowing punters to place bets whenever they wish.

Greyhound games evoke excitement and passion for this sport. Pre-recorded real-life sports events engage more and more new customers and increase profits.

GlobalBet Key Highlights.

Responsive Design

GlobalBet products are web- and mobile-friendly and easily accessible among all web solutions. Our omnichannel products are compatible with any device you might have to bring the best user experience


There is no need to wait days or months to start a business, all requirements and installation processes will be satisfied in a short period. The team has a huge experience and innovative solutions that minimize rollout time from days to hours and save initial costs

Adaptative Product

GlobalBet products are web and mobile-friendly and easily accessible among all web solutions. Our omnichannel products are compatible with any device you might have to bring the best user experience

No Hardware

There is no obligation to buy hardware because we can run virtual products even on any old black-and-white TVs. The new delivery method 'Web-Viewer' - a light-weighted Plug & Play solution that is accessible just in one click and saves a lot of time, energy, and money


Each game is individually tailored for specific customer requests and market requirements. GlobalBet is very flexible in any customization process and can satisfy any wish


GlobalBet team has gathered a big international experience and offers knowledge about the market specifics and tips on how to increase the revenue

Game Features.

  • Push-to-play and scheduled modes
  • High-quality video content
  • Professional live commentary in different languages
  • Race-specific camera angles
  • Realistic odds
  • Light-mode as an Internet-saving edition
  • Skip scenes option in Push-to-play to get faster results.

Customization options.

  • Logos, banners, and flags are customizable.
  • Interface Design
  • All intervals are customizable according to the operator’s requirements.
Contact our team to geta full customization guide

Main betting odds.

GlobalBet offers various betting types, like in actual "greyhound" races, providing players with more options to choose from.

  • Winner
  • Place
  • Show
  • Over/Under (3.5/4.5)
  • Even/Odd
  • Forecast
  • Quinella
  • Tricast
  • System: Double, Triple

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