Enada Italy: First In-person Exhibition after Corona

Marco Decandia, a GlobalBet sales representative, speaks about the latest exhibition and current iGaming trends on Enada Italy in Primavera...
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Enada Italy: First In-person Exhibition after Corona

Marco Decandia, a GlobalBet sales representative, speaks about the latest exhibition and current iGaming trends on Enada Italy in Primavera.

Hi Marco, it is a long time since the last exhibition, and you have finally visited one in Italy, one of the most important gambling markets. How was it after a long break?

Marco: Hi Anna, after more than two years since the last edition (April 2019), it was an absolute pleasure returning to the action! Enada Primavera is the biggest and most important gambling exhibition in Italy. It is organized by the well-known group IEG (Italian Exhibition Group), and it takes place in Rimini, on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It’s a must-attend event for all the big names in the gambling industry and all the sectors connected to it (payment services, identities verification, e-sports etc.)

It is exciting that Enada was your first event after 18 months break. Could you share any impressions? Have you noticed any difference before and after Corona?

Marco: Well, it’s a clear sign of upswing, after what can be considered one of the worst two-year-period of the last century. The atmosphere was stimulating, people were buzzing around from booth to booth searching for the best possible deal, but the shadow of Covid was still lurking above. Few big names were missing; the mandatory face mask and the social distance also lowered the typical Enada “excitement”.

It is great that many companies and industry leaders could join this event even with these restrictions. After 3 intensive days of negotiations and presentations, could you share current industry trends in the Italian market?

Marco: I’m glad you asked, the trend in Italy is still the same we used to see: entertain customers in the best possible way, with innovation and improvement. Besides the E-Sports, which appears to be “the real deal” lately, with a huge dedicated area and daily formative sessions/networking, Virtual Sports in Italy are at their best, with plenty of new ideas and a fast-growing audience. I’m almost shy to say that it was “too easy” to acquire new partners. We are blessed to be very popular and appreciated in Italy. I would say that this is because our product is among the best (we have been shortlisted for the EGR Awards in Rome in October – Virtual Sports Supplier category).

GlobalBet specializes in virtual sports providing game portfolio from Virtual Football and Basketball to Camel and Greyhounds races. In what customers were the most interested in?

Marco: It’s well known that Italy has a long and successful history with football. For example, just a few months ago, they won Euro 2020, which drove Italian sports fans crazy for days! Therefore, among all the great games GlobalBet provides, I can easily say that our latest version of “Campionato” (football game with 10 simultaneous events) is the most appreciated, with plenty of leagues, breath-taking actions, and, of course, an astonishing graphic. Also, the single match version is taking its place in the business, but only after the pre-recorded greyhound races.

During the last years, the whole world moved to the digitalization and online world. What do you think is there still a necessity for exhibitions? Does the iGaming industry really need it?

Marco: Well, I agree with your statement, but the way that face-to-face deals are done cannot be replicated online. Also, the gambling industry can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially given the nature of gambling itself. I think that it’s imperative to shake hands and look your supplier/customer in the eyes, perhaps have a meal together to decide to trust in him as your partner!

What is your forecast for the upcoming trends in the gaming and betting industry?

Marco: As I mentioned in a previous answer, the real deal is the E-Sports world: bookmakers offering bets on professional players playing popular online videogames (CS:GO, Fortnite, FIFA, LoL, Overwatch, and many more). However, this doesn’t prevent the growth of the Virtual Sports sector and, of course, of GlobalBet, which is constantly expanding its offer and acquiring new customers, having one of the best products in the industry.  

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