SBEA+ 2023: GlobalBet's Remarkable Journey in Nigeria

Discover Nigeria's thriving sports betting landscape with GlobalBet at the Sports Betting East Africa 2023 event in Lagos
July 15, 2023
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SBEA+ 2023: GlobalBet's Remarkable Journey in Nigeria

Nigeria, known for its lively culture and stunning scenery, is also a hub for sports betting. GlobalBet was excited to join Sports Betting East Africa (SBEA+) 2023, held in Lagos, Nigeria, to get a stronger foothold in this growing market.

GlobalBet Booth at SBEA+2023, Nigeria

Our Africa Country Manager, Robert Toth, led our team and set up a booth at the event. SBEA 2023 was a great chance to show off our top-notch virtual sports games and make new connections in Nigeria's fast-growing betting world.

We hit the jackpot at the event, winning the "Virtual Sports Provider of the Year" award. This award shows how committed we are to making great products that people in Africa love.

GlobalBet at SBEA+ 2023 Conference

Nigeria is a big deal in the sports betting world, with more and more people here wanting exciting virtual sports games. At SBEA 2023, we talked to lots of industry experts and showed we're the leaders in this part of the world.

SBEA 2023 helped us learn a lot about the African market. It also let us make stronger bonds with our partners and start new ones. This will help us keep succeeding in this region.

Looking back at SBEA 2023, we're excited to keep bringing awesome virtual sports games to Nigeria and beyond. If you want to know why GlobalBet is number one in Africa, just email us at